Bliss Nail Salon | Nail salon in Yulee, FL 32097




Basic Manicure $18
Gel Manicure $32
Deluxe Manicure $30
Deluxe Manicure w/Gel Polish $45


Add Gel Polish $15
Spa Pedicure $30

Start with a relaxing soak in a massage pedicure chair. Toenails & cuticle maintenance, BASIC callus removal if desired, massage & hydration with oil and lotion, warm towel wrap, and polish if desired. 

Sweet Pedicure $40

Deluxe Pedicure includes toe nail shaping, and cuticle grooming. Followed by massage your legs with a honey sugar scrub to exfoliate your dry skin. Then, massage your legs with a hydration oil massage and 2 hot stones. Then, hot towels wrap to get the extra moisture and relax. Finish with your choice of regular polish. 

Scents of your choice: Lavender, Green Tea, Tangerine.

Deluxe Pedicure $50

This pedicure begins with a fresh and natural sea salt foot soak to detoxify & deodorize the feet. Then comes a natural scent moisturizing sugar scrub to exfoliate dead skin and relieve dryness. This is followed by mud masque wrap with warm towels to cleanse pores for smoother skin. Paraffin wax and massage cream with 4 hot stones to hydrate and soothe skin. Finally, Foot Repair Cream Massage moisturizes and softens dry, cracked skin.

Scents of your choice: Lavender Refresh, Green Tea, Jasmine Soothe, Tangerine.

Volcano Pedicure $60

Pamper yourself with our most popular ORGANIC pedicure that refreshes, detoxes relaxes, and improves skin appearance plus Herbal Neck Wrap to deliver moist, heat relief directly to muscle pain. Detox Volcano Crystals and Activators combine to create an invigorating and detoxifying experience with a fun bubbling explosion! Complete the pedicure treatment with an exfoliating sugar scrub, collagen cream mask, paraffin, collagen massage lotion made with organic-based ingredients, and 4 hot stones massage. Finally, Foot Repair Cream Massage moisturizes and softens dry, cracked skin. 

Scents of your choice: Lavender, Green Tea, Honey Pearl, Orange No.5

Volcano CBD Pedicure $65

This is our most luxurious 6-step pedicure with CBD, Herbal Neck Wrap soothing tired muscles, relief of aches, and 4 hot stones massage. Finally, Foot Repair Cream Massage moisturizes and softens dry, cracked skin. 

CBD Detox Volcano Crystals - prepare the spa water, with moisturizing aloe vera and mood-enhancing fragrance, to accelerate the detox activator. (Immediately add the next step.) 

CBD Detox Volcano Activator - releases a fun, bubbling, and fizzing Volcano Eruption that blasts away dirt and impurities. 

Exfoliating Sugar Scrub - clears away dead skin and reveals newer younger-looking skin. 

CBD Collagen Cream Mask - cleanses and tightens pores. Collagen starts to nourish skin for greater elasticity and beauty. 

CBD Collagen Massage Lotion - moisturizes as the collagen replenishes skin for a beautiful, youthful glow with a silky soft finish.

Scents of your choice: Gold, Rose Gold. 

Collagen Spa Pedicure $75

Formulated to relieve stress, detoxifies, and soothe skin. Natural ingredients and oils boost the vibrancy of skin helping tone and renew texture, while collagen diminishes lines and wrinkles leaving skin younger-looking and feeling smooth. Herbal Neck Wrap are applied to relieve tension, and 6 hot stones are massaged. Finally, Foot Repair Cream Massage for extra moisture.

Step 1 - Collagen Crystals 

Step 2 - Collagen Sugar Cane Scrub 

Step 3 - Collagen Cream Mask 

Step 4 - Collagen Muscle-Relaxing Gel 

Step 5 - Collagen Massage Lotion 

Step 6 - Collagen Serum Lotion

The scent of your choice: Lavender & Lace, Sweet Orange, No.5 Perfume, Lemon Splash.

Bliss Luxury Pedicure $85

Take a journey to an extraordinary level of luxury to bring you a sense of well-being. This is our most luxurious Botanical Escapes Herbal Spa pedicure service. Start soaking your feet in a Pedi tub with warm water and essential oil. Then, prepare a mixture of Herbal ingredients with added aromatherapy benefits. Followed by sugar scrub gel to exfoliate and leave your legs exposed. Next, a foot mask is applied to leave your skin feeling conditioned. Massage oil onto your legs with 6 hot stones to prevent dryness, lacking skin premature aging, and a hot towel wrap releases stress and sore muscles. Finally, Foot Repair Cream Massage moisturizes and softens dry, cracked skin. Finish with your choice of regular polish.



Acrylic Full Set $35
Acrylic Fill $25
Acrylic Full Set Gel $45
Acrylic Refill Gel $38
Pink and White Full Set $55
Pink Refill $35
Pink and White Refill $50
Ombre Full Set $55
Ombre Fill One Color $35
Ombre Backfill $50
Dipping Powder Overlay $40
Dipping Powder Full Set $45
Ombre Dipping Powder $55
Liquid Gel Full Set $60
Liquid Gel Fill $50


The final price may vary after consultation.
Nail Repair $5
Regular Polish Hand $10
Regular Polish Feet $12
Gel Polish Hand $25
Gel Polish Feet $25
Acrylic/Dip/Gel Removal $10
Design $5 +
Nail Shape $5
French/American $5
Cat Eyes $10
Chrome $15
Longer Length $5 +


(10 and Under)
Mini Pedicure $22
Mini Manicure $12
Hands and Toes Polish $8 / $10
Add Gel Polish $12


Eyebrows $12
Lip $7
Chin $10
Full Face $35 +
Half Legs $35 +
Full Legs $50 +
Eyebrows Tinting $20
Bikini $35 +
Brazilian $45 +
Back $45 +
Underarms $25 +
Arms $25 +